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The vision of Sai Balaji TechLegal Services (SBTLS) is to utilize its resources to maximum possible extent to deliver the requisite results to its clients. SBTLS intends to make use of internet based technologies as well as various other software packages to deliver desired results to clients based on discussions. The vision Sai Balaji TechLegal Services (SBTLS)is to help its clients develop a well defined and purposeful online identity not just for itself but also for its clients.

Website Designing

Website Designing is to create a proper presentation for content using relevant computer language mostly hypertext or hypermedia. The main reason behind designing a website is to allow the end-user to use the internet to expand business and contacts. The person who owns or operates the website need to make proper use of web browsers and other web-enabled software’s to reach out to every customer and associate in the online world, it's blogging clients, internet television clients, RSS readers or any other clients

Website is designed using a variety of techniques to enhance the aesthetic qualities or functional features of a website. A website designing job includes designing of web pages, web applications utilizing multiple disciplines such as photography, search engine optimization, animation, corporate identity, authoring, communication design, graphic designing, human-computer interaction, interaction design, and marketing. A websites can be either a static or dynamic, that can adapt content or visual appearance depending on inputs from end users, webmaster as well as changes in the related scenario

Responsive web design

SBTLS provides Responsive web design which allows your website to be one step ahead in the latest devices. By making use of fluid design and crafting your site to respond optimally to the size of the screen it is viewed on, it will look perfect whatever the environment be it iPhone or large desktop monitor. At Biff Bang Pow we take a ‘mobile first’ design approach, allowing us to deploy the key essentials before bringing in the exciting content when the screen size allows. This design process lets us work from smartphones to tablets to desktop monitors, meaning no matter what configuration of screen displays your site, you can be 100% confident it will look stunning. Responsive design will save you time and money over the short, medium and long term. One site = a multitude of deployment possibilities! Going responsive guarantees lower initial set-up costs compared to developing concurrent mobile and desktop versions of the same site. It also means you have only one site's content to maintain, thus lowering the risk of incorrect/inconsistent content across the company's web presence

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