Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a crime, or if you are involved in a civil or administrative legal matter that may lead to criminal charges, it is important to discuss your circumstances with a lawyer who can protect your interests both inside and outside of the criminal court system.

The Attorneys at SBTLS have extensive experience and have earned a strong reputation in the legal community for providing exceptional legal advice and representation. Difficult legal challenges and promising opportunities require the services of a skilled lawyer dedicated to helping clients reach their goals.

We at SBTLS are committed to mitigating the risks that our clients might face by virtue of existing anti corruption / anti bribery compliance programs and to ensure that they can conduct business ethically. The SBTLS team brings to the table its vast criminal law knowledge, with a special focus on anti corruption laws in this case. In addition to this we will also prepare our clients for investigations by collecting information, reviewing their existing compliance programs, providing compliance training to their employees and assisting them during dawn raids.

We are also experienced in criminal appeals. Our lawyers have successfully appealed cases based on fresh evidence, ineffective assistance of original counsel and other issues.

Emergency assistance available at all hours.